iPhone 5 in July 2011 - Soptify Says No Truth for Apple Rumor !

Upcoming iPhone 5

Spotify tells there is no truth in the rumor posted at TechCrunch that Apple is in very early, “on-again, off-again discussions” with the company.

“We wouldn't normally comment on this kind of speculation, but we wanted to make it clear that we have absolutely no intention of selling Spotify,” a Spotify spokesperson tells us. “We're working hard to build the best music service we can and are in this for the long haul.”

The company did not comment on rumors in the TechCrunch post that Spotify is almost sold to Google for $ 1 billion in late 2009. The agreement would have disappeared, wrote Michael Arrington, especially since the recovery would have canceled the license agreements Spotiy with record companies. Of course they are the types of clauses in the contract have not slipped on Google, it seems unlikely they were the only ones who stood in the way of an agreement.

How Spotify almost sold to Google for $ 1 billion plus the new Apple rumors:

Spotify and Apple are off again discussions about an acquisition plus, but it is best early in the process. No firm price has been offered, no list of conditions submitted. However, it is interesting to note that both speak.

But more interesting is that last year, when Apple purchased the Lala music service, Google and Spotify were deep takeover talks, said a source with knowledge of the negotiations no. Ultimately to events, and both companies have tried to negotiate a Spotify have pre-installed on all Android phones instead.

While the agreement is almost there, "said our source, and Google will pay nearly $ 1 billion for the service. Ultimately the case was wrong because Google has been demanding that all old contracts" and the label wanted Spotify foot of $ 800,000,000 + right if the operation failed (Google has a similar provision in its acquisition Admob).

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