Problem Solution Formatting Nokia Handset

How to Format Nokia Phones: S40 versions only
1 Switch Off the device.
2 Press and Hold down the keys Green/Talk + 3 + *.(hard Format)
3 Switch On the device.
4 If everything goes well then you will see "Formatting" screen.But dont leave the buttons until u seen the formatting screen or else ur mobile started.It will crashes ur mobile sofware.

or else

dial *#7370# ? not sure if it resets S40 models, but nothing happen if u try it.

Formatting an S60 device:

Soft Reset (*#7780#): This is a normal reset. It will load the original settings from the phone's ROM. However, it will retain the user's own data. Like images, music, installed applications etc.
Hard Reset (*#7370#): This method completely reformats the C: drive (phone memory). All the user information will be deleted. Like images, music files, installed applications etc. Hence, the phone is set to the default factory settings.
On performing any of above methods of formatting the phone, device will ask you for a security/lock code. Default code is 12345.

Soft Reset of Nokia Mobile Phone:
1. Switch off your Nokia phone

2. Now Press following key sequence *#7780#

3. Enter Default lock code is 12345.

4. While holding these buttons, press the power button and switch on the phone.

5. Wait for message ‘Formatting’ to appear on the screen and release all keys once you see that message.


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