iPhone 5 Coming Soon !

The iPhone 5 built for 4G is coming soon !
Verizon Wireless is testing the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 and 5, and strengthen the network of Verizon, the changes are to bring the iPhone to the network. 5 new iPhone will be full of new features like video chat, 3G and 4G (no longer limited to WiFi only), face detection and an extremely loaded. (A list of possible functions listed below). Just when you think you have nothing else to come up with more technology and more comes out. And it is growing, not just Apple, Inc.!

This iPhone 5 will have dual core processors and higher and powerful graphic chips that can deliver higher video resolutions and better "still" images when taking pictures, AND it will make multi-tasking a breeze.

There are some networks that work to build a 4G network. T-Mobile would be a probable carrier, because they are already mobile. Sprint has a 4G network already AT&T and Verizon Wireless is at an early stage. There is talk of Verizon Wireless to get the iPhone later in 2010, but it seems that they will probably in 2011 when the new iPhone comes out 5.

Much has been made on the design weakness iPhone 4, which has a weak and vulnerable to significant loss of signal when touched. It is obvious that the next iPhone will have a different antenna design, but few expect that to happen outside the ring launch was usual for the last four iPhones. iLounge reports that he heard one of his usually reliable sources that the next iPhone will be launched in early 2011, from January. If true, this would mean that Apple gives its team of hardware design iPhone half the amount of time it normally does. Of course, Apple could simply rearrange the house of the current iPhone 4 in a new case (integrated in the bumper?) To solve the problem of antenna.

4G it will be up to them!They can build over time? They will definitely release 3G iPhone, but with the new iPhone 5 (4G speeds) comes out, will they compete?! Nevertheless, there is great expectations on how many people will leave ATandT to Verizon Wireless because AT&T is behind the restrictions and SlingPlayer app like Google and Skype Voice (on the 4G network, not Wi-Fi). AT&T restrictions have caused the percentage of people jailbreaking their iPhones to increase as the prison Breaking normally comes with Cydia, which is in the App Store for jail broken phones. Most iPhone applications themes, ringtones even. Cydia is free. Winterboard is a part of the download, and it is very easy to add modifications to your phone so you do not understand how to do it yourself.

Pre Palm on Sprint and HTC EVO (Sprint now offering a 4G network) have made an effort to compete with the iPhone and Blackberry. It seems they do the main road, but with the iPhone released 4 and 5 on the iPhone the way they are sure to lose with Black Berry Torch.


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