MacBook Air Clash with Adobe Flash

New Apple MacBook Air (those announced at the event return to Mac recently) come with one thing missing - Adobe Flash plugin for Web browsers. While earlier Mac OS X ship with Flash, it is remarkably absent from the new Air. Do they just forgot?

MacBook Air 11.6 inch laptop
Surely Mac users are still free to download Flash on the Web (works not go that far yet), and I guess that 99% of them. Apple's recent hard cons of Flash IOS, IOS ActionScript applications used and now it is clear that Steve Jobs and Apple are working hard to eradicate the Adobe Web multimedia standard is.

Mass of Mac fans are defending the pass, as they expcted. Usually neutral MacRumors wrote the abolition of Flash as a standard component in the Mac is used to destroy the near ubiquity of Flash for the user, while the unofficial spokesman for Apple and high priest of the cult of John Gruber Mac writes that this is not a part of the crusade against Apple's Flash, is to help Mac users protect against vulnerabilities in Flash. If Apple went to Adobe to download the Flash plugin, which puts the cost of Adobe. Remember last year Apple Snow Leopard accidentally shipped with an earlier version of the Flash full of holes.


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