Apple iPhone (Verizon model) performs "AP" phase of field testing

One of our solid sources of Apple has allowed us some pretty interesting information surrounding the upcoming Apple iPhone device. To begin, we were told that the iPhone 3.2 model - what everyone assumes that Verizon (or at least compatible with CDMA) mobile phone - just press the scene of AP tests. This is the last step before the release of the final sale of hardware, software, near the end. iPhone 3.2 the unit, told us that only contains a SIM card slot. It is interesting for many reasons, and has several different scenarios:

* The iPhone 3.2 could be the mythical CDMA + GSM / HSPA device that would support Verizon, ATandT and other iPhone current global four carrier frequencies. In the update from mid-cycle would update the design of antennas 4 and provide current iPhone compatible CDMA, Verizon Wireless subscribers have the same unit as the ATandT subscribers. Significant 3.2
* iPhone could be a CDMA-compatible iPhone has a SIM card for global roaming capabilities, although it probably sounds more complicated than having just a single glove that would fit as both hands.
* One last chance that the iPhone 3.2 model will be simply a slightly different design that is not the same antenna attenuation than the current model, although a little disappointing.


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