iPad2 Concepts as iPhone4

Jo and the teeth of two gears iPad rumors started crankin. This is a concept like Joy Studios presents what they think and what looked like the iPad two improvements that will contain. Design-wise to remember the iPhone 4 enlarged group with the same metal around the edges and the glass itself from the outside.

Additions on 3-megapixel camera with face time, and an SD card slot for removable storage There is also a mini-HDMI to understand that you can attach your iPad 2 and HD-ready TV - face time is a Seeing someone like 32-inch plasma Samsung Card Galaxy, and the BlackBerry? sports playbook as well as cameras and memory card slots, it would make sense, unless the iPad match its competitors in these areas, as always, is anyone's guess what the real iPad 2 looks and features. - And even if it is going to be called the iPad 2 Joy Studios and concept art video, however, whetted our appetite.

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