Nokia 2600 rh-59.Schematics
Nokia 2600 Classic was announced in the first quarter of 2008. At the first sight, the model is very bright. Nokia has tried to enliven the lineup, to add some color. However, the aspect of positioning shouldn’t be taken into account. Still the place of the modern child of the company is rather more modest. It represents a budgetary segment with broadened functionality. You should not think that Nokia 2600 Classic is a continuation of Nokia 2600. Looking on technical characteristics, arrangement of sockets and on the general proportions, it is possible to tell with confidence that we see renewed Nokia 2630.

The good: The Nokia 2600 has a functional feature set that includes Bluetooth and a VGA camera. Call quality was decent and the phone is easy to use.
The badThe bad: The Nokia 2600 has a painfully slow menu interface. Also, it suffers from a somewhat flimsy construction and the speakerphone quality is just average.

Download Nokia 2600 rh-59.Schematics


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