Nokia 2300-rm4-Schematics
The Nokia 2300 is a very basic phone. The display is black and white with very low resolution, and there are few features. A radio is included, but it is mono only. One of the biggest problems with the 2300 is the weird keypad design that uses joined-up and overlapping keys. Not easy to use, not very reliable, and not recommended!
Actually the Nokia 2300 mobile phone is owned by my wife. I bought it as a birthday present for her. The result, I got more time to get hold of the phone to observed and have reviewed it. SMS upgrade has gone too far these days especially with Nokia phones. Superb audio quality can be expected from this phone. I like the way the polyphonic ringing tone sounds of this phone. They're distinctive and clear. You can download or compose melodies as well. The FM stereo radio is excellent. A stereo headset comes with the package, great for hands-free calls and music listening! I have no problem with the reception; it's always in full bars wherever I go. Just one or two keypresses and you can have the function you need. Of course not all functions, menus, and sub-menus are available in this feature. We all know that phones are getting smarter and smarter these days. And someday the function we thought just another trash of today, will one day just useful as technology advances and that would be also added in this feature. Over-all, the phone is a great improvement intended for low-end-users. If picture editor feature has been added in this phone, then it would surely surpass the performance of Nokia 33XX series, 2100, and 1100 phones respectively.
Download Nokia 2300-rm4-Schematics


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