Airtel free gprs

Airtel free gprs with teashark browser to use free airtel gprs
Everyone would love to access free airtel gprs and getting free airtel gprs is now made easy by teashark, a mobile internet browser which is also available as a free download just like opera mini. Whats most amazing is the fact that the working of this browser which enables it to provide free airtel gprs access without even changing any of the airtel gprs settings is still unknown.

To get this gem working, you first need to download this. The file can be easily downloaded from the following link: The downloaded file is an executable jar file which can be easily installed on any java enabled phone. The next thing you need to do to take you one step closer to free airtel gprs on your mobile phone is selecting the access point as airtel live from the teashark mobile browser. Once you are done with the above settings you are now ready to enjoy free access to airtel gprs.

In this paragraph I will try to inform you about all the installation hurdles which may come in your way to free airtel gprs on your mobile phone. The first and the foremost thing you need to take care of is to ensure that you have got airtel live activated on your phone for which you have to call the customer care and it is free of cost. Only then you should select airtel live as the access point. Another problem which you may encounter is that your phone may show white screen, if it happens then restart your phone. If it continues to happen you should better reinstall teashark and click on the yes option in case your phone asks you to clear previous data or overwrite previous data.

If you guys cannot get teashark working then the other way around to get free airtel gprs access is by downloading teashark from this link: I guess this is another version of teashark which gets installed without any problem and you can access free airtel gprs.

Teashark however allows you to browse free but it does not allow free downloads. You will be charged usually for the downloads as the downloads are done through the phone’s browser and not through teashark. In some cases getting it to work may take upto 2 days and more than 50 tries. Moral of the story is getting the free airtel gprs on your phone is not easy infact getting anything free is not easy at all, so don’t lose heart and keep trying until you succeed.


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