Tata Indicom GPRS

Tata indicom low cost gprs

Most of the service providers like Vodafone, airtel etc provide very costly mobile internet and if by any chance you access your mobile internet through your pc, it’s one of the most sluggish internet access procedure. Tata indicom have come with a solution to this where they provide high speed mobile internet at very reasonable price.

But just to take full advantage of this plan you have to buy a Samsung set with Tata indicom connection in it. Samsung has integrated in it a very specially designed browser just to make the browsing experience more fun and more enjoyable. The phone costs approximately 6000 bucks but now I think it should be much less than 6000 bucks. So for all the gprs addicted people, this deal is not going to prove bad if in any case you are planning to buy a new phone.
However to talk about the drawbacks of the phone, it lacks Bluetooth, now that’s one hell of a drawback in this fast becoming wireless world.

Tata indicom provides unlimited usage for just Rs.99 per month but it is only applicable if you browse through your phone and if you use through your pc they charge you very heavily, it costs Rs.2 per mb. Moreover the coverage area of tata is also not wide so you can access internet in particular areas only.


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