Future Phone Nokia 888

Nokia 888 is a concept design phone from Tamer Nakisci, a Turkish student who is winner of a recent Nokia Design Award. This phone offers a malleable interface that can be bent, twisted and wrapped into different shapes like a wristband.Nokia 888 is a bracelet-like concept mobile phone that won the Benelux design contest in 2005. Clamming to be the cellphone of the future, 888 concept runs on liquid batteries and has an enormous flexible touch screen.

Nokia 888 is a mobile device designed for freedom and fun. You can change its form according to your needs. It is aimed at young consumers who engage in many different activities. The target group is very mobile and engaged in so many different things during the day. Tamer's design adapts to the moment, the place and the function.Speech recognition, flexible touchscreen and touch-sensitive body cover. It has a simple programmable body mechanism so that its form changes for different situations.

Nokia 888 Concept Phone


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  1. Lol that's a cool design. Thanks for the info.


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