Breaking News - iPhone 5 Photos Leaked !!!

Apple's iPhone5 Coming Shortly

iphone5 photos
Newest iPhone 5 awaiting for launching !!!

Several iPhone parts and repair firms have reported that they've gained access to pieces of an unknown iPhone model. The design hints at an evolved antenna, possible CDMA compatibility, and some tweaks to the rear camera.
apple iphone 5
iPhone 5 parts :  leaked photos from apple.
 The pictures are of the middle plate or the skeleton body of the iPhone which holds all the other parts required in the phone. The top of the unknown iPhone has a additional black band which is missing in iPhone 4 model. In the side of the purported iPhone there is an band on top left side and its vibrate switch and volume keys are positioned slightly lower on the frame as compared to the current iPhone 4 design.

It 'just 2011, and even Apple has a great loss - model unknown parts of the iPhone has risen to videos and photos online. They are responsible, but a little 'different iPhone 4, 5 refers to the version of the iPhone or Verizon.
More iPhone parts and businesses said they had access to parts of a model of iPhone unknown, and the Internet has exploded with excitement. Superficially similar to 4 of iPhone signature metal structure, parts of internal structure to reveal something Apple elaborate design. A video of the metal frame, which is compared in detail to the iPhone 4 is one that has been placed on YouTube by, but it has since been the subject of a notice of withdrawal, and Google reveals the source the message was "Apple Inc."

This is not an iPhone 4 Prototype

YouTube Takedown half of intrigue is to form a notch - Apple seems to be working in this heavily, only a real loss, and that has transpired in the course of the two models, the cases iPad protection, or a dramatic flight of a prototype iPhone 4 years last What are these new parts are, is something Apple does not want to be in public, which means they are not party iPhone development, 4, who have found their way into the public accidentally.

Evolved Antenna Design: No Antennagate?

The most spills are almost identical to the iPhone 4 to 1 very detailed block machined steel components and structural aluminum and electronics built in. This design caused Apple Antennagate embarrassing affair, with your supposed performance marred only by the antenna site .

Although Antennagate could be blown out of proportion is sensitive to (and scientifically simple ROM), Apple has learned anything from its latest mobile phone models: the new parts display a different arrangement, so the different segments of the antenna is reduced when the phone is held in normal use, and there is a body segment more than the iPhone 4 Without knowing how these electronic Wired-Up, we can not say much about how they operate. But the extra segment it is interesting - suggests Apple may actually be adjusted if the antennas, so that interruptions of the signal.

Antenna for CDMA iPhone?

There is another possibility: the chassis tweaks iPhone may need to include the diverse needs of radio-frequency signals in a CDMA iPhone vs 4 GSM-signal design. This means that the issue may just be the iPhone to Verizon (4V iPhone perhaps), and 5 iPhone at all. It 's very possible, but one detail wrong: The new elements in the SIM card slot. This means 4V Apple's iPhone has two GSM / CDMA phone in the world? It would make sense, since Apple does not sell devices that disappoint the people, and the $ 600 phone that only works in the U.S. seem very restrictive.

Some scholars suggest that the SIM slot by supporting LTE Verizon. Possible. However, Apple will adopt LTE now the starting point in the technology business? Remember how he refused to take the true 3G technology.

Reversing camera on, changed, or just moved?

Global video directly part revealed a host of small design adjustments, but a biggish too - the new pieces do not seem to have a hole for a rear-facing camera.

Some commentators have pondered, this means that the camera free version is coming, business users. We can only suggest Apple has acquired the thinner parts of the phone's camera, and explained how best to build the frame. This suggests that Apple is not going to be either a higher resolution this time, or having a clean technology such as a mechanical zoom lens - you can stick to the 5-megapixel camera.

Why the fuss about a phone?

Why all this fuss about leaking parts of a phone? There are a number of reasons, starting with the fact that the flight of a prototype last year has hit the international news media, and led to complex legal issues and media gawk unusually personal response from Steve Jobs. It reached the parts we've seen so far does not tell us much, but some sources have hinted that they will soon elaborate on the chips inside, and display technology, so that we can get just about as detailed a tip on the new phone that Gizmodo did last year. leak of the week is almost as important to Apple last traded on the New Year's Eve - affecting its stock price in the short.

And the iPhone is here, one of the flagship devices in one of the largest companies in the world. He went on to sell tens of millions to billions of dollars in revenue. 2011 may be a relatively quiet year for Apple - it is not intended to release or rumors of a new machine paradigm IPAD snack, or even a game-changer as a novel new Apple TV. Revisions to existing products are probably all that will happen, if they are important.

And 'that the iPhone 5?

What do you think of these pieces are? We think that in reality are five iPhone is' in charge of Apple's strategy to refine the draft before the most radical - think of the iPhone 3G and 3G - and it's getting too detailed design tweaks here, suggesting some major internal changes. The antenna configuration changes can mean the iPhone is 5 and the CDMA and GSM-compatible, and Apple should be uniform way to sell a single model for all. And we know that is surely coming to Verizon, which have access to millions of customers in the U.S.


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