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Anti-Virus Mobile, a mobile application version of anti-virus to protect the OS mobile phones away from virus and mobile malware. Normally performs antivirus mobile antivirus scan files on base or mobile data protection and prevent your smartphone from harm, automatic updates, blocking network connections and more dangerous.

Why Mobile Antivirus is crucial to a mobile phone or smartphone?

Since the mobile virus and mobile malware has shown a lot of smart phones, but still mobile security vendors to provide timely notice of alarming growth of viruses and mobile phones are an important target for hackers and Internet criminals in the future. Although mobile phone viruses are there, but for a lesser amount at the time, and this does not mean that mobile phones data is secure. Thus, mobile phone or smart is an antivirus solution to protect important files on your mobile.

During Mobile Anti-virus market has a lot of commercial antivirus mobile phone as Kaspersky Mobile Security, Trend Micro Mobile Antivirus, Norton Antivirus Mobile, F-Secure Mobile Antivirus, etc. But it's still free antivirus download for your mobile phone .

Here, I mentioned a free antivirus mobile supports a variety of cellular phones and smart mobile operating system Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Lookout Mobile Antivirus:

Vista Place Mobile Antivirus Mobile Security Software that comes with antivirus and firewall to keep mobile phone and mobile data safe from viruses, hackers and spyware.

In addition to mobile security, Bay also comes with mobile value-added features such as mobile online storage and locate the missing phone. El Mirador de mobile storage backup online allows all data on your mobile phone and restore it back at any time through their mobile online storage. Meanwhile, locate missing persons smartphone features that respond when the device is lost or stolen. Find your device, an audible alarm, clean your personal information - all remotely from the Web.
  • Download Now Lookout Mobile Antivirus (Andoird/Blackberry/Windows/Java/Others)

NetQin Mobile Antivirus :

NetQin mobile antivirus is a full mobile antivirus, using leading technology to protect your phone against the latest threats. A combination of firewalls and monitoring in real time to ensure the wireless device is safe and secure.

Meanwhile, free mobile antivirus is easy to use and allows you to surf the Internet and download applications without worrying about viruses, detects and removes malicious threats and mobile, and improves the overall performance of the mobile.NetQin Mobile Anti-virus tools are Symbian and Windows Mobile.


  1. Well, nowadays plenty of viruses damage mobile applications which are really bad for all. If you want to protect your phone, you should install Antivirus on your phone like Phone Spy Software 2.0.10, Recover Deleted Sim Card SMS 5.0.1, NetQin Mobile Antivirus 3.2 and Camersoft MSN Video Recorder 3.1.08 are good options to avoid viruses.

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