iPhone 5 Leaked Original Photos

iPhone 5 Leaked Screenshots

iPhone 5 Leaked Screenshot
iPhone5 coming soon!
I came across this screenshot on Twitter when someone posted it. I am unable to trace back, who posted it. (Sorry for that)
According to the screenshot, it appears that iPhone 5 may have an Antenna. The obvious question is WHY? It may be because of the iPhone 4 Holding issues which led to reduced network coverage. (Just guessing)
Or that antenna may be an extra accessory which would have been included while taking the photo. We never know!
And after all this, we are not even sure weather this is a real Leaked Screenshot iPhone 5 or not, as it appears very similar to iPhone 4 with just an Antenna attached. (I can also be a Photoshop trick) Some guy would just be kidding around with all those Apple enthusiasts out there.
Note: Currently I am considering it as a Rumour, but it may well be true!
iPhone 5 Front view (prototype)
iPhone 5 is the most stylish Handset ever
Update: The iPhone 5 prototypes are making news, I just got hold of a prototype which shows the Glossy Front and Back panels of the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 Back view (prototype)
iPhone 5 Looks more Gorgeous

iPhone 4g or iPhone5
iPhone5 includes latest features.
Update: One more iPhone 5 prototype came to notice. Some one actually posted a photo of it. Seems to look good!


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