Nokia E71x Latest Discovery

Although there are few visual enhancements of the new Symbian S60 Feature Pack 2, which is hardly noticeable, and Symbian OS is behind more than ever. Even Windows Mobile Smartphone (non-touch screen) is a better OS. The Nokia E71x, menus are repetitive and confusing, the shortcuts never offer to take you where you want to go, and each corner is a menu configuration confusion of some kind. The main menu is cluttered with AT & T side, from (which deserves its own icon) that AT & T Music icon, which actually leads to another menu, and no music player. The phone will also lose some interesting features of the Nokia E71 unlocked version. The phone had an option of substitution that allows the user to switch between a variety of default settings business acumen and personal settings. The new phone is all business.

Nokia invites our unity E71x statement sounded good, but not as good as they did on the E71 that we tested. The phone calls that sounded a bit metallic and metallic. Calls have been a bit light, and could distort the high end. The reception was still solid. Battery life is also comparable. One of our favorite features of the Nokia E71, and all Windows Mobile smartphones, is the ability to start looking in the contact list home screen by simply typing the name of a contact. You start typing, the phone starts searching. Not that the Nokia E71x. This phone simply call numbers from the home screen, a strange feature to remove the AT & T side. The address book is sufficient, with many fields for a smartphone. We call logs were a little smarter. We like to see the call duration, and we love it when a phone can add this information directly to a contact, none of E71x can handle.
E71x Nokia has an impressive array of messaging options, and it stops some of the best phones, AT & T has to offer. Text messages were simple, lacks support threaded messaging, we look better today new smartphones. threaded messaging, SMS line in a conversation to look like a IM conversation. Nokia E71x supports Microsoft Exchange via Mail for Exchange, Nokia, approx. The app is not loaded, please download the application to create the service. We had great difficulty getting this to work properly. We went into our options several times, then downloaded the application just to find a blank browser window and no way to find the downloadable application on the phone. After a reboot, it appeared as if by magic, but we had to go into the configuration of our server.

Planning and productivity, the Nokia E71x are plenty of options. We just want to say that they were slightly shiny appearance. For some reason, the original E71, a nice calendar, the month that there was a list of active names is gone, replaced by more bad timing wire. E71x hardware is a beautiful row of shortcut buttons below the screen, the loan willingly Palm Treo devices. These are the links e-mail, calendar and contacts are very useful, though, so we're glad Nokia branches out a bit '. Productivity, the Nokia E71x not have a basic version of Quickoffice. You can view and edit Microsoft Office documents, but the attack on the newer file formats or create new documents on your phone, you must pay for the upgrade. The best Windows Mobile phones to get this functionality for free. There are also a number of other productivity applications, including currency converter, and mobile banking app

Nokia uses a E71x shooter from 3-megapixel camera with autofocus, but you will notice that the phone was totally unable to concentrate properly in our tests. In each shot, the camera focuses correctly on the background image instead of the foreground object, or when there was no background, just does not concentrate at all. If not autofocus on this camera is hard to say, and the phone does not use a button with two floors to help hang a picture, like all good cameras and AF-capable phones. These images represent the best proof that could receive multiple injections of the same subject.

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