Verizon iPhone 5 easily be overcome iPhone 4 in reality.

DesignedbyItem's concept design for a future iPhone.

IPhone 4 Verizon is exactly what you expect, thanks to the fact that the iPhone 4 is already on the market for some time. While the first iPhone, Verizon uses a different technology handset to talk through Verizon, and the end users perspective, what you see now the iPhone 4 is more or less what you can expect when it arrives in early 2011 . Verizon iPhone 5, on the other hand, the trump card for Verizon iPhone 4 in all measurable ways. We know this because not only the forward march of consumer technology each year, on its own will, in particular, Apple rarely hesitate to advance significantly in all models of iPhone.

What is not known whether 5 iPhone (Verizon or another carrier) are real or one of the specific design aspects. Do not ask whether the capacity will grow by 64 or 128 GB, how much faster and run it with fire, or how many percent more battery life it will offer. Nor is it known whether the iPhone similar to the current physical 4 5 iPhone, Apple has shown that sometimes the story through the reform-style iPhone (iPhone 3G, iPhone 4), and other times to keep the same (iPhone 3G). But we do not know what the iPhone is 5, in one way or another, then it is better that the iPhone we have now. for that reason will prevail over Verizon iPhone iPhone 4 5 of existing development in terms of both real and perceived promotion. When iPhone comes to Verizon 5 times, it will provide a quantifiable than the experience of the iPhone to the current iPhone. But over time, even after 4 Verizon launches iPhone, Verizon customers will assume the best for 5 iPhone, because there will be few real details already exist. After all, unknown product which is only known to be better than the current version is always going to get more hype before the product details become known. If you are a Verizon customer issue is yours if you get on with the iPhone when it happens 4 or wait until Verizon gets the iPhone fifth final response may ultimately be different for everyone. But the parameters of such a decision has not even appeared.


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