Peek9 Reviews

The Peek device family has seen a couple of reviews in recent years and found its way into the hearts of many people there. With the launch vehicles in European countries during the summer, with a major software update at the same time, there would be no shock if the company responsible for the small mobile device decided to wait for new hardware. But this does not seem to be the case, as a new device, called Peek 9, recently broke the lid on some retail websites. And although this does not necessarily mean anything on the horizon, the guys at Engadget managed to play around with the CEO Amol Sarva Peek and Peek confirmed that 9 is real, and soon. However, Sarva rushed to stop the flow of information, such as an announcement is expected to reveal that on the morning of the device.

So until then, you have to take some comfort in the fact that you know how the Peek 9 will cost. The show is going for $ 69.99, Sarva, but could not confirm that yet. The Peek will be a specific service-oriented? Or is that the company has more planned for next device? We have to wait and see.


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