Microsoft Windows Mobile Couldn't affect

The smartphone market, which was fairly quiet, is buzzing about the long-awaited release phones running Microsoft Windows 7 These phones, which start at AT and T Mobile, will initially run the latest version of Windows, and you might think this would be a big deal, given the size of Microsoft Corp. and its dominance of the PC world. Well, you're wrong. Microsoft is practically hopeless groping their way into the smartphone market, and so far has done little splash with Windows Mobile devices. Now is probably the best opening of a phone's operating system has created so far.

Not that the phones are so bad. There are some decent features in new phones, along with the new operating system that are pretty good. It's too little, too late for Microsoft to make big waves in this market. The history of the band system of Google Inc. Android running on dozens of phones today, and took a market share of 32 percent. BlackBerry has a 25 percent and falling, and Apple has 26 percent and falling. Therefore, to obtain a significant market share, Microsoft should produce a better product than the flood Android, iPhone and Research In Motion Ltd. BlackBerry line.


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