AT&T lacks target date for 3G in Black Belt

AT & T 3G goal of Black Belt in Alabama has become. Unfortunately, progress is not the cell technology. The company currently has upwards of 14 new city project construction area, where more updates existing mentions the fact that the county and community service. The date of the original goal of this expansion in the third quarter of 2010, which ended Sept. 30. Originally, 3G was on-line highway 80 by the end of summer and Marengo County available by the end of the calendar year beginning as soon as Dallas County. The official end of summer is September 22, and despite the constant delay of the announcement by AT and Tcellphones spokeswoman Sue Sperry said the company is still waiting to deploy the service to come to this calendar year.

Sperry said the Federal Communications Commission delays in the processing of information relating to the withdrawal of the merger with Verizon customers, long-term process, as well as equipment, delays in key suppliers. 3G is a third generation wireless technology. It comes with the improvements over previous wireless technologies, including fast delivery, advanced multimedia capabilities and access to a global movement. 3G is mostly used in mobile phones and telephones as a means to connect the phone to the Internet or other IP networks to enable voice and video calls, download and send information and surf the Internet. upgrade the local network and the expansion of a handful of 75 new sites and over 250 state plan.


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