AT&T is expanding its range with BlackBerry smartphones

AT&T, who already have the exclusive right to Torch of the Blackberry, have expanded their lineup of 3G model BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and BlackBerry Curve for 3G model 9300, Research In Motion (RIM). Moreover, applications of social networks, Twitter and Facebook, the new smart phones have full access to the BlackBerry App World. However, it must be said that applications do not meet the quality and quantity to those offered to Iphone. Iphone is a nice place for AT and T at this time because there are still rumors that ATandT will no longer be suppliers of the iPhone and it seems that Verizon has the exclusive right to a new iPhone in early 2011, that other rumors that the handset is the first hard white Iphone.

The new Blackberry now have 3G functionality which means more and faster while browsing on the cover. Another major difference in most of its Blackberry models is now in the running Blackberry OS 6. Streaming music and quality at a higher level because of the best multimedia system project installed on the phones. BlackBerry smartphone AT and T has been dynamic, versatile and practical and AT and T expected to continue to keep on top of the Blackberry business market.


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