Sony Ericsson Mobile Fault Prevention

Sony Ericsson Mobile have some faults as circuit problems, joysticks problems, camera problems, turning off, jumper, buttons, network etc.

Sony ericsson J200i mic soluition can be prevented through this diagram

Sony ericsson K300 Keypad Joystick if creating problem then it can be solved according to diagram

Sony ericsson v200 camera repair

Sony ericsson k700i joystick repairing

Sony ericsson k700 not turnig off

Sony ericsson k300 k 310 k320 mic track problem solution jumper diagram one

Sony Ericsson k750 w800 w810 display white light problem solution pcb circuit diagram

Sony ericsson k700mic_2 repairing

Sony ericsson k700i_joystick fault repairing


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