Nokia 3100-3120_schematics Diagram
Nokia 3210 is a great handset.Small size, easy functionality. I don't need a lot of features but adding and deleting contacts, etc. is very simple. The battery seems to be even better than the 3595 and I only charged that one about once every 3-4 days. The photo on this website does not do this phone justice, it is actually quite small. This overall phone is very sturdy.

Nokia 3100 is one of the best selling phone of Nokia Great reception through ATT Wireless (now Cingular). This phone has great clarity and the battery life is good for a free phone. Head to head with my roommates Motorola through the same carrier. My phone has reception throughout my house compared to her's which disconnects. This phone has sustained many falls and slides on pavement and it still has not let me down.

For the cons about this phone. Sometimes depending on who calls me and through which carrier, full volume isn't loud enough and the vibrate doesn't vibrate as hard as some other phones.

Overall this phone is a great deal for someone who doesn't want all those fancy gadgets that you have to pay extra to use. The phone fits in my little right jean pocket. None of the flip phones out there can fit in my little right jean pocket and people still comment on how small it is. I have yet to find a suitable replacement for this phone. A phone that can fit into my little right jean pocket.

This is one of the simplest to use phones on the market. It is a no nonsense phone for those who simply want to make and receive calls and text messages. As with all Nokia phones the functionality is easy to navigate, the design is simple and it is a good looking phone too. It is a good size with well laid out buttons that are easy to use. Overall it is a great little phone and very good value for money. This phone is not fo you if you like lots of gizmos and gadgets.
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Nokia 3100 and 3120 Schematic Diagram

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