Samsung unlocking Nokia reset and link share

Problem 1:

Your Name: marcelo
Your Email Address: brazil
Subject: Unlock
Message: Can you help me unlock my samsung i710? Its imei is: 357733 01 004309 / 4

Solve:Here is some video unlocking samsung.

Unlock Samsung Phones

Unlock Your Samsung Online

Problem 2:

Your Name: zachy
Your Email Address:
Subject: N95 8GB problem
Message: hi sir/madam, my nokia n95 8gb has a problem.. the \'Select Enhancement\' setting always pops-up. when i bought the phone it\'s only after the start-up that u will going to choose an enhancement.. but now, even if my phone is on for an hour already it still pops-up. do u know how to resolve it? i really really need your help alot, please.. thank you...

Solve:Please reset your mobile phone.Using this codes.If not then send me your IMEL number.Check your IMEL number *#06#.
*#7780# = a soft reset which wont delete any thing on C Drive/phone memory.
*#7370# = a hard reset that sweeps away the files on C Drive.

Problem 3:

Your Name: skdas
Your Email Address:
Subject: refreshing problem
Message: My cell keeps refreshing in between the functioning of the cell.\"Refreshing Sim\" display no the screen and internet connection suddenly stop.My mobile model is Samsung SGH-B520. kindly solve the query as soon as possible.

Solve:Please reset your cell phone or go to customer care center they will be reset your phone free.

Problem 4:

Your Name: ailike
Your Email Address:
Message: This slim stylish GSM Tri-Band WRIST WATCH PHONE is the latest Must-have gadget! It will become the next revolution after iPhone. This phone will support any GSM network that operates on one or more of the three bands (900/1800/1900Mhz) covered by the phone. T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido and AT&T/Cingular (NOT 850MHZ) are among the major cell phone networks in North America that will work with this phone. Without headache of unlocking, just insert your Simcard into this watch and you are ready to call ! The slim watch mobile phone comes with amazing diverse functions that are only available in high-end smart phones including Tri-band support, MP3 Player, Bluetooth support, USB drive, Alarm, Speaker phone support, Calendar, Ringbones, and more! Just 165.99! Visit

Solve:Plesae share my link in your site. This is your link.

Problem 5:

Your Name: Mobile Repairing Picture Help
Your Email Address:
Subject: Link Exchange
Message: Hey there is is a very nice post thanks really helpfull and clean thnak you very much

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Problem 6:

Your Name: Free Ring Tones
Your Email Address:
Subject: Downlaod Free Mobile Ringtone
Message: Nice blog of free ring tones!!!
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Solve:Please give my link in your site.Download free ringtone


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