Blackberry memory card unlock and Nokia phone camera problem

Problem 1:

Your Name: Alex van Eenennaam
Your Email Address:
Subject: unlock code
Message: hello, can you send me the unlock code for my Samsung G810? The Imei code is: 357290010656656.


Problem 2:

Your Name: mee
Your Email Address:
Subject: Blackberry 8100 SD card unlock.
Message: Hello Dear,
Please kindly hlep me !
My Blackberry 8100 is ok but can\'t use Memory Card.
Memory Card Support is OFF can\'t ON. Lock.
So I want to unlock and want to use my Memory card.
My IMEI No. is below.
IMEI : 354879.01.283606.9
I\'ll be waitting from your sonnest reply.

Solve:At first check your memory card and format it using card reader.

Problem 3:

Your Name: prithvi
Your Email Address:
Subject: interested to learn mobile reparing
Message: need help to fix cell phones it has always been a passion therefore sir please help me i am really interested.

Solve:Umm...see this web sites feature about cell phones repairing ,unlocking,codes,phones software learn from this site.Just search your topic.Its a easy way don't worry.

Problem 4:

Your Name: gaurav
Your Email Address:
Subject: messaging
Message: my mobile is unable to store more than 132 messages
help me plzzzz!!!!

Solve:Hmmz..There is 2 space in your cell phone mind it.Sim space and phone space.You can store 250 message in 32 kb sim.Is you have 16kb sim them change it now and bring 64 kb sim.You can store more then 500 message in your cell.Its free just contact your customer care center.If you have cell phone memory then you can store up to 300 message in your cell phone.

Problem 5:

Your Name: rhey
Your Email Address:
Subject: n71 hardware failure:restart camera
Message: hi!...i have problem in my nokia n71,my problem is the camera wont work,when i turn the cam on,its says,hardware failure:restart camera.can u help me to my problem?pls!...i need some solution on my phone!..tnk more power

Solve:At first reset your phone using codes.If your problem is not solving then it is your hardware problem.Have warrenty in your phone?Go to customer care center.They will solve your hardware problem.No tention.


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