Problem Solution

Problem 1:

Your Name: John
Your Email Address:
Subject: LG KF750 problem
Message: I have no signal with my phone. AT&T
is my provider. Is there anyway I can
increase my signal strength?
Signal strength depends on Mobile. AT&T is a good provider but it is depends on Network coverege.
Try change your mobile IC from mobile experts.

Problem 2:

Your Name: JOhn Ali
Your Email Address:
Subject: sim card destroyer
Message: Dear pls i lost my sim card and i want to divert both the message centre number and call divert to my new sim card.
Diverting message centre number is not available in every mobile. But you can divert incoming calls in your new sim card.
Mobile menu > Settings > Call settings > Call divert > Enter mobile number to divert.

As you say that your sim card was lost. So you need to meet your sim provider's service center. Then tell to Call divert. They will help you.

Best you collect the old sim number from service center.


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