Sony Ericsson unlocking and China phone formating

Problem 1:

Your Name: K
Your Email Address:
Subject: Unlock Sony ericsson w200i walkman phone
Message: Hello, I have been trying to locate an unlock code for my sony ericsson w200i walkman phone but to no avail. It is hooked up to a service provider outside the UK and the US and I can\\\'t find someone to help me. I paid to get the code but the site couldn't get it. The IMEI is: 35540501861777117. Please can you help me?!

Solve:This phone unlocking is not free.Please go to phone shop or unlock from another site.You have to pay for this.

Problem 2:

Your Name: bs prasad
Your Email Address:
Subject: china mobile n 958 pc suite
Message: i am suffering with china mobile phone model no N958, my mobile is continuesly hanging when i open any application how can i solve this problum

Solve:I think your phone is infected by virus.Please format your phone memory and use anti virus .


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