Nokia E50 disassembly Part 1

Nokia E50 disassembly
If you require a new screen and screwdrivers, they can be purchased here:

Tools required: Torx 6 screwdriver

  • First remove the battery cover & battery.

  • Starting at the top, run your fingernail around the join of the front cover and it'll release.

  • Your phone should now look like below.

  • Two clips on either side of the phone hold the PCB & LCD screen etc in place. Use a credit card to release the clips

  • With the two parts separated your phone will look like the picture below.

  • A metal frame holds the LCD in place. Unclip the metal frame.

  • Your phone should now look like below and you have access to the LCD. It is attached to the PCB by a ribbon which attaches like a plug and socket. Simply lift it up to unplug it.

  • You have now removed the LCD screen. Reverse the whole procedure for reassembly.


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