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iPhone Protecor Case Installation Instruction

1. Put the iPhone into the front cover of the protector case.
2. Match the lock key window side to the snap joint then buckle it
3. Press the lock key side,then buckle the snap joint of camera side emphatically.
4. Press the lock key side, then move down your hand to press the snap joints tightly.
5. Installation has been finished.

iPhone Protecor Case disassembly Instruction

1. Grasp the iPhone, let the LCD to outside, nip the split of the charger connector, loose one side of the protector case.
2. Push the protector case following the split of the protector case,when you push to the front of the protector case,the snap joint of the side will loose to split.
3. Hold the iPhone with one hand ,grasp the back cover with the other hand, make the front cover and the back cover to be separated absolutely.


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