Upcoming Samsung Exynos Processor at 2012

Upcoming Samsung Smartphones 2012

The Galaxy S II 1.2GHz dual-core processor is fast, you’d better prepare for more. Samsung is allegedly working on a powerful smartphone with desktop computer-like processor speeds, according to rumors coming from an unnamed “high-ranking” executive.

The purported smartphone to hit next year will be powered by a dual-core processor clocking at 2GHz speeds with “data processing capacities of a regular PC”. No other information is currently available but according to rumors, the CPU will be Samsung’s own Exynos. And if this wasn’t enough, Samsung is said to offer the powerful processor to other smartphone manufacturers too so maybe 2012 will be the year that will mark the era of superphones. We’re not sure what the advantages ? and price range ? will be for such a powerhouse.


  1. joe said...:
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  1. ayesha said...:

    this feature is dual core is very nice

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