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Smartphone was released last we saw all four major airlines had the HTC Touch Pro 2, and there were a couple of different iterations of the device, in essence, a couple, which included a 3.5 mm jack headphones and a couple used the HTC USB port for headphones. A couple of months ago, Samsung announced that Samsung would bring their Galaxy S line, these same four major carriers. Two are now available, Live Samsung and AT & T Samsung 4G Captivate with Epic shops from Sprint, August 31. Samsung charm is coming to Verizon, but we still release date or price. Each of the four devices Galaxy S has a slightly different model to go along with the various names of the Samsung 4G Sprint Epic is one of the main differences between a hardware QWERTY keyboard.
Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S Android
Like all other phones Galaxy S, everything is on the screen. The 4-inch AMOLED Super dominates the front of the 4G Epic, surrounded by a bezel black. What makes this device different from their cousins cross-bearer is a single regulator, which packs five rows of goodness to the light. Because of this team, Epic 5.5 oz heavier than the 4G Captivate for AT and T (4.5) and T-Mobile vibrant (4.2) oz. Epic is also understandable 4G thicker than two of these phones (0.56 inches versus 0.4 inches). We believe that this commitment is worthwhile for the great experience of strikes, but that is certainly going to see the clutter in your pocket and when you hold the device in the head. Moreover, the 4G Epic is lighter than the Evo 4G (6 ounces) and the droid 2 (6 ounces), which also has a sliding keyboard.

Super Sprint and Samsung AMOLED display was so important in this case that capactive buttons below the display is dimmed when the screen is off. This treatment gives your phone more modern look than the 4G Ages (the buttons are always visible), but the functions to sacrifice style. Overall, however, support the rounded edges of the boxy Epic Evo 4G 4G, and the list of former aeshetic chrome accents.
Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S Android
The right side of the handset houses a small power button top right and the launch of a camera / shutter below. Up there you will find the 3.5mm jack and microUSB port (behind a sliding door) and the left side has a volume rocker. The black plastic back of the phone has spots of money in it, a nice touch, and it is fairly easy to pop the lid if you want to access the battery or memory card. The reverse is also a target for 5-megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash underneath. What you do not have a 4G Evo HDMI port and a built-in kickstand.
Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S Android
Those who believe that the pairing of a large 4-inch screen with a physical keyboard is unreasonable to try first epic 4G. This arrangement is spacious, but also provide excellent tactile feedback (and a satisfying click as you type). And unlike other slider phones we've tested with dedicated number row, Samsung did not post this too close to the bottom of the screen. Initially we had problems to build up speed due to the size of this keyboard is, but in general it is a pleasure to use. We are also aware that separate menu, Back, Home and Search buttons flank the letters. Our only complaint is that there is a dedicated button @ symbol you find on the Motorola Droid Droid and 2, you must press the Fn key first.


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