Facebook Phones From HTC

HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha

Even if not technically described as "Facebook phone" These two new phones from HTC as could be. With a Facebook button on the front, it is easy to see what Salsa and ChaCha HTC have been built around.
facebook phoneshtc salsa and htc chacha
HTC Salsa is a blackboard-style phone screen 3.4-inch capacitive touch (480 x 320 resolution) and the front facing VGA camera. Other features include a 5.0 megapixel camera module (LED flash), and the typical connections (3G, WiFi, aGPS, Bluetooth).

HTC ChaCha, on the other hand, takes place on a candybar form factor with a QWERTY keyboard of the Blackberry-style trailer. Details include a 2.6-inch capacitive touch screen (480 x 320 resolution), a VGA camera facing the front, a 5.0 megapixel camera module (with LED flash) and the usual assortment of options connectivity.

Both devices share the same value - a 600 MHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. Facebook button at the bottom not only increase social networking application in the selection, which is sensitive to context, too. This means that each time I have something on your screen can be sent to Facebook, whether an image is broken or just the text you typed in the message editor.

Just in case you have not bought Android 2.4 rumor Gingerbread (like me) who turns out to be real. Indeed, both handsets come with her, sensing layer necessary HTC running on top of the course. No exact price yet, but they were convicted for the second quarter on an average cost-of-the-road (more expensive than entry-level phones, unless the high-end models).


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