ViewSonic Dual SIM Android Phone

ViewSonic V350 Mobile Phone Review

ViewSonic is a serious game for mobile devices, and so far, his strategy seems to imply something to offer other manufacturers are not. That's exactly what they do with the ViewSonic's V350, a smartphone Android 2.2 dual SIM card.
Designed to support two SIM cards active at the same time, the phone lets you stay connected to both networks, allowing convenient use of your smartphone during the trip. Unlike most digital dual SIM card, is not stored on the wrong side of the material, either, packing a full list of specifications that should make it competitive with a growing range Android phone today.

From the press release audio, Viewsonic seems that this is fishing for business users. In particular, they are touting the fact that the two SIM allows employees to keep separate SIM - one for personal use and one for business accounts.

Like many new phones out this year, the ViewSonic V350 is on the other hand, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Not a word, however, that prices will not relieve the date.snapped or text editor to write a message.

Just in case you have not bought Android 2.4 rumor Gingerbread (like me) who turns out to be real. Indeed, both handsets come with her, sensing layer necessary HTC running on top of the course. No exact price yet, but they were convicted for the second quarter on an average cost-of-the-road (more expensive than entry-level phones, unless the high-end models).


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