‘No Rotation Status’ iPhone Application

‘No Rotation Status’ iPhone Application Review


No statement of the rotation is to change your dash classic jailbreak. He did something very simple tweak something that would probably go unnoticed to all but the most uses iPhone Eagle-eyed.

As its name suggests, no state of the rotation rid of the icon rotation lock in your status bar, even if you have activated rotary bolt.

At least, I think it would help developers put a value on your Settings.app to enable or disable the icon in the status bar. As it stands, or you need to uninstall or disable the change through the "mobile Addons substrate" when used SBSettings.
While there rotation status performs tasks very minute adjustments like this that makes the aspect of adapting jailbreaking so wonderful.

You can literally change almost all functions of your phone via jailbreak applications and settings available in Cydia, and this is just the latest tweak in the Dossier.


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