Top Mobile Phone Nokia Lumia 900

The clean hardware design encases a 1.4 GHz processor and a 4.3-inch AMOLED ClearBlack display. Every demo I have seen of the display shows off the Windows Phone screen in bright, vivid detail. The front 1MP camera brings video calling to Windows Phone, and the 8MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss optics (F2.2 aperture) may be the best on any smartphone.

top mobile phone nokia lumi 900
The Lumia 900 will operate on the AT&T LTE network, which unfortunately may task the 1830 mAh battery. The 14.5GB of internal memory is not expandable due to the lack of a memory slot, but will likely be sufficient for most buyers with the included SkyDrive cloud storage. While the Lumia 900 doesn’t have the best hardware on a smartphone, it is the best phone running Windows Phone.

Nokia sorely needs a "hero" smartphone with the looks, the speeds, the specs, and a price that will hush the doubters. With the Lumia 900, Nokia proves that it has the chops to compete. We thought so at CES, where we awarded it best new smartphone, and I think so now.


  1. Nokia is trying hard to compete in the market. It has started producing good sets and attracting buyers.

  1. Social Games said...:

    I'm impressed with Nokia's window phone series...hats off to nokia with such a quick processor.... planning to buy one...

  1. Anonymous said...:
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  1. Anonymous said...:

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  1. Igor said...:

    Lumia has got bad reviews but I've got Nokia phone that works for ages already! So I'd trust these guys.

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