New Universal iPhone Bumper


All signs point to the fact that the iPhone antenna 4 issues have been resolved through subtle changes to the version of the iPhone 4 Verizon

Even still, that Apple is trying to prevent the money from the sale of the buffer, as the previous bumper are increasingly in favor of the new common bumpers that are suitable for both ATnT and Verizon for the iPhone.

Check out the video inside the bumper page-by-side comparison ...

The new "Universal design is not just a big hole mute switch for the iPhone, which differs slightly in position between the two versions, everything seems to remain the same.

As you know, the great fact that Apple bumpers were so popular is because firstly, the antennagate all, which led to the degradation of the signal to keep the phone in a certain way. This line of talk about "death grip" is understandably a user salty.

It will be interesting to see if the popularity of the bumper is as big as the original iPhone, it was 4, because Apple has (hopefully) be able to completely remove the problems of antenna.

For me, the bumpers are never truly protective, they are unlikely to offer the iPhone to any decent shelter. They do not do a good job of managing the problems of signal, which is why I ask the question: Verizon users really need these pads?

For those of you who are planning to get the iPhone 4 Verizon, you should choose the $ 29.99 a bumper?


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