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Samsung Corby
Samsung S3650 Corby has a unique, eye-catching design. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand with its small size (103mm x 56.5mm dimensions). Lightweight (92 grams), slightly oval, circumference of 12 mm, and simple, that Corby is a plastic fantastic. The screen is smooth with very little hardware features. The shape is perfect for an iron hand and its lack of borders, it is possible to slide smoothly into a side pocket.

The front is filled with 2.8-inch screen. No QWERTY keyboard or hardware. Basically, the call button on the left and the end of the call right. The characteristics of the environment on the button. The beak is small and placed at the bottom.

The top sheet Corby is naked. The background is the same except for a small slit slot to open the battery panel. The right side of the phone, the lock button on the touch screen and the shutter button. The left side is where the volume controls, and plenty of cover for the headset and data cable connector to the port and charger port. At the top left is a rope or chain eyelet lace. The rear panel has the camera and speakerphone. A distinctive semicircular in the back adds a subtly modern.

Corby is a 2-megapixel camera with smile detection, and fixed focus, but without autofocus or flash. Other features include a 15 fps video recording, FM radio, 90 MB of storage, quad-band GSM / EDGE and microSD slot for up to 8 GB. Some WiFi phones ready for Corby (Corby S3650W), but there is no free storage, which must be purchased separately. Corby S3650W is not access Wi-Fi, but does include storage. It is a compromise to keep prices relatively stable. Corby offers three different home screens that can be filled with widgets and Java applications on the right side of the screen tray.

To access a widget, simply drag and drop icons anywhere on the screen. An interesting feature automatically aligns widgets Corby when shaken. All operations are performed with the thumb, since there is no hardware keys for specific functions.

Address book can store up to 2000 contacts. Photo Contacts are designed for a fun way to take the telephone directory. Stacks images can each be assigned a URL, e-mail, and call / send the message functions. Corby is an editor other than e-mail, and a common SMS and MMS. Office documents up to 5 MB can stand by and watch .. This convenience is brought by a built-in Office document viewer, which supports Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and Word files.

One of the highlights of Corby is the inclusion of a widget of popular networking such as Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Flickr and Twitter. This allows you to check messages in real-time chat, or adding friends, hitting a friend, Tweeting, reading my friends post, and adding a photo. E 'sufficient to cover the needs of social networking, mobile-style. Log data can be easily used.

A widget is only for the music player. This allows the user to sort songs by artist, genre or album, and have the ability to stop, pause, play, fast forward, rewind, or shuffle songs. The video player supports MP4 files.

Samsung invented their own web browser Delfin, ideal for Samsung phones. It supports Java and Flash sites, including YouTube videos. usual phone features such as clock, calculator, notes, alarm, calendar and on board. Games are limited. Corby trial some facilities as a pyramid, Diamond, Brain Challenge, Asphalt 4, Monopoly, and Crazy Penguin Catapult. The games vary depending on the manufacturer's site.

Connectivity :
Corby offers a great call reception, clear voice quality, and does not drop the call. record time is 3 hours or up to about 200 minutes. While Corby claims up to 2.4Mb speed data, Internet access running on EDGE or Wi-Fi (Corby S3650W) shows only moderate, but adequate.

2-megapixel camera has a maxed 1600 x 1200 pixels image resolution. Depending on the light (natural or inside), photos or videos taken may be satisfactory as evident amateur shots, but good enough to upload directly to YouTube or Picasa. Access to files on the memory card is fast. In less than 20 seconds, saved photos or files on the MicroSD card up to 16GB recognized by the handset. The widget radio has a solid feel and additional features that can easily replace an MP3 player. speakerphone works well Corby. About your device is supported with EDGE or WiFi, surf the web will run at a moderate speed, but adequate nonetheless.

Value for money:
Imports from low-cost touch screen is still a jewel. Select a WiFi Corby (Corby S3650W) and buy a separate storage facilities complete the package. It is a unit power plant that users are not complicated. Simple, small, fun and easy to use, not to mention 2 extra jackets Fashion (housing) is included in the package. Corby is definitely worth the money, and certainly put a smile on your face.

  • Cheap price compared to other touch screen phones with similar features
  • Small, lightweight, and comes with 2 extra boxes of color
  • Powerful law and present the documents in Word, Excel, PDF files
  • Radio / music player is functional enough to replace your MP3 player
  • Phone no low cost, simple, and curves
  • No smart dialing
  • Telephone integration with social networks
  • No hardware button for quick access to other functions
  • Netherlands 2 + megapixel
  • Acceptable, but not great, video performance


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