Samsung S8500 Lateset Mobile

Samsung S8500 Wave Review

The front of the phone is dominated by large, plus three buttons below. call button to the left and the right to terminate the call. Although the center is the menu button. On the back of the phone is the camera lens and flash. Its powerful 5 megapixel camera with autofocus feature. Cover as part of a different color with the body. Left side of two adjacent button can be used to increase or decrease the volume. On the right are two buttons, which are located far apart. top menu button and delete button below and take a snapshot camera.

On the upper surface there is a hole covered with a micro USB (well done Samsung, useful coverage to prevent entry of dust on them.) The next hole is a hole in the head phones. And yet, next to the speakers.

The display is very clear and deep color is very sharp and lively. Screen is made of two layers. The bottom layer is the background as wallpaper. Although the top layer of widgets. You can move the widget is very simple, Rub or tap the right or left. Very interesting, when you rub on the widget layer, background layer go to move a bit ', since it seems to sweep the widget. Seems to display three-dimensional effect. A very interesting feature of the Samsung.

Photo Widgets is very interesting. The widget is a thumbnail of the image in the center and right and left of the thumbnail is the arrow. If you click the arrow to the left, the previous image appears. If you click the arrow to the right, the image appears below. And there's the radio button at the bottom of the widget, which are images of games and touch. If you like the picture on the label. Press the button and label control will replace the existing background image. Very interesting and practical.

To add widgets on the screen. Simply pressing the screen widgets widget drawer. Widget tray contains a set of widgets that can be transferred to the screen in an easy and direct. To move the screen enough to tap and drag the widget tray.


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