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The sheer lunacy of a product like the iFan does little to bolster the sobriety and credibility of those who support the tenets of environmentalism. Let us hope that wind power has more to offer the world than this bald, half-baked invention. It is a perfect example of a bad idea paved by good intentions. Sure, you want to save the planet. Sure, you want to incorporate the genius of those awe-inspiring fields of undulating wind turbines, as pure, sweet, clean energy flows into the homes of happy homedwellers. But attaching a PC fan atop the iPhone is a bastardization of both the iPhone technology and real-life wind turbines. It’s like putting a propeller on the space shuttle, with all apologies to Mr. Propeller, since I think his invention goes far beyond that of the PC fan. Please, do yourself a favor: use the bathroom first so as not to wet yourself, and then visit the site of this review and leave me a “Bwhahahaha!” laughter comment.


  1. netshet said...:

    what an amazing product.. Iphones

  1. iPod Car said...:

    Never seen such a great piece, technology has brought up some great things to us. One can easily enjoy their phones as well as the fan that is fitted at the top of this piece.

  1. gsm alarm said...:

    Just use the cars outlet; the car is already in motion and generating electricity; it would also be able to charge the iPhone faster than a mini-wind turbine. If you don't have a car then maybe this is something you might want to try but I would still rather use solar power; which with a large enough array would be faster to provide a full charge. You can use solar to charge a battery pack to extend your iPhone battery during the day while you are using the iPhone.

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