"Pocket Mechanic" Samsung Omnia software

Pocket Mechanic: Samsung Omnia performance software

When you use a Pocket PC feature rich as the Samsung Omnia sometimes we forget that this unit is like any Windows desktop can do many things, but occasionally a little maintenance is necessary for you to be at their best time. Sometimes you need to defragment the files, clean registry, remove invalid shortcuts and duplicate files ... - The usual, we've all been there.

Pocket Mechanic Professional is a Samsung Omnia, representing the Swiss Army knife that you will keep the performance of your phone is always on top. So if you experience crashes, freezes and slow, this powerful software to try.

Pocket Mechanic Professional optimize the Samsung Omnia for optimal performance with rich toolbox. First, detect and repair all common problems associated with the file system, recording and storage card will speed up your machine by defragmenting the storage card, free memory and increase the disposal of garbage rows. There is also a good selection of storage services that allow you to format, defragment, repair file system errors, bad sectors recovery and even make a point of reference for measuring the performance of your storage card.

Samsung Omnia Software: Pocket Mechanic Professional Samsung Omnia Software: Pocket Mechanic Professional 
Pocket Mechanic Professional for the Samsung Omnia has a large collection of tools for analysis and reporting and also allow you to move installed applications and data storage card and completely remove applications. In addition, this application can clear the browser cache, cookies and history, destroy sensitive data and delete files from the privacy and enhanced security. Now, it's actually a full set of tools! 
Pocket Mechanic Professional download compatibility
Samsung i900 OmniaDownload available
Samsung i910 Omnia VerizonDownload available
Samsung i8000 Omnia IIDownload available
Samsung B7300 Omnia LITEDownload available
Samsung i8910 Omnia HD


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