GoogaSync: Samsung Omnia HD calendar sync

For people who rely heavily on their mobile phones to manage appointments and task management, the ability to synchronize your content with Microsoft Outlook calendar on your laptop or desktop is a real time saver. But nowadays many users and even small companies are replacing Microsoft Outlook with an online solution like Google Calendar, due to licensing costs of Microsoft Office. So do not be nice to synchronize the calendar on your hard drive Samsung Omnia with Google Calendar? I've offered a solution for Windows Mobile for Omnia family members, is called Inesoft calendar and you can check the review here.

Samsung Omnia Software: GoogaSync
GoogaSync HD is a Samsung Omnia application that lets you synchronize the contents of the agenda of your mobile phone with Google Calendar and vice versa. Very simple, but exactly what you need. It supports multiple calendars and lets you adjust the time of day synchronization must occur. The synchronization process can be complete (full synchronization) or fast (sync only the changes) and can use Internet connections for their offers Omnia. All your standard Google Calendar appointments, repeating events, anniversaries and special events throughout the day as well as reminders and alerts, all will be updated by Omnia GoogaSync your hard drive.

Samsung i8910 Omnia HD              Download available


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