Verizone Confirmed and iPad 2 Latest Rumors
iPhone5 Specifiactions and Features

Apple iPhone coming to Verizon Wireless in early 2011 has been confirmed again, this time luck. In addition, most of the blogosphere agree that the scope Verizon CDMA iPhone is here soon, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and The New York Times are all in agreement. Verizon is finally on the iPhone.

Verizon was first proposed to be the exclusive provider of the iPhone, but he refused and the requirements of Apple. AT and T took it and the rest is history. strong sales of the iPhone helped launch the era of smart phones and powerful competitors such as Google Android OS emerged. Now our smartphones are speeding along the range of processors with a touch screen GHz and has a few laptops to shame in the image quality department.

Apple is currently in production for at least two models of iPhone in the next 6 months. A CDMA iPhone supports 4 will be produced by others and possibly Verizon companies. 5 The iPhone is also under development and has been speculated world phone on CDMA and GSM support for international travelers. The new model also is rumored to integrate near-field communications (NFC) technology with applications in the payment options for retail and wireless.
Verizone Apple's iPhone5

Sources in the European airline claims that Apple is planning the building closed, the owner of the SIM cards for use in the iPhone, according to GigaOM. These locked iPhones would be sold to customers in Europe directly from Apple, carriers outside. Apple will allow customers to buy an iPhone first, then lock to any network of their choice, with a contract. SIM card, then lock the phone into the network until the end of the contract. iTunes will probably be involved in the process and customers can activate from their personal computers.

These new versions of the anticipated launch of IPAD 2 during the next year. Detweiler investment firm Fenton added a degree of confirmation of the rumor that the iPad has two front and rear cameras for video calls FaceTime. The camera back should be a 5 megapixel camera and a 0.3 megapixel VGA camera is designed to meet the user forward. Apple iPhone 4 to FaceTime as the new iPod Touch 4. The company is working on a way to allow users to call iOS FaceTime to users of desktop PCs and a beta version has already been seen in action.


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