iPhone5 and iPad2 Realese DateUnveiled

 iPhone5 Specifiactions and Features

The rumor mill is buzzing with respect to information on the upcoming iPhone and iPad iPad 5 seconds The 2 should be released in a much shorter time than the iPhone is the fifth because of the need an IPAD with a USB connector. The lack of a USB plug on the current generation of IPAD was a serious shortcoming, and the only big mistake.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Apple is about to break his contract with AT & T and sign up with Verizon to create the iPhone from Verizon. But there are rumors thesis before the iPhone launch 4, so the truth remains unknown. With the release of a large number of rivals Tablet PC, Apple will keep its development team working hard to escapte losing ground in this emerging market. The fact that Blackberry is about to enter this market with the Blackberry playbook intesified this statement. I expect a IPAD be published in the first quarter of 2011. You heard it here first!


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