iPad2 Leaked Before Launching

The new iPad, which we call the second generation of the iPad, or simply, the iPad 2 lack of a better name, is once again holding the first page of the Journal of the mill voice new information about upcoming Apple tablet was apparently leaked.

ipad2 dual dock connector
Latets iPad2 Coming Soon

What do we know iPad 2 so far? Well, we've heard it's coming in the 1st quarter of 2011 with the support of face time, which means that the two cameras and support that we have a 7-inch version of this too. What we find today iPad 2? That comes with Dual Dock connector, as well as landscape and portrait modes, and it opens up a 7 inch touch panel Retina and 128 GB of memory. Some of these updates, but not confirmed, are absolutely necessary to avert some of the characteristics of new entrants iPad tablet.

The main enemies are Samsung Galaxy Tab, arriving for Christmas 2010 and the BlackBerry playbook, which is sold in stores at some point in early 2011. Although both models have a 7-inch tablets, which are about the overwhelming information and features: two cameras for video calls, port connections, slot for additional memory, Flash, 3G tethering, and it's called.

ipad ios42

And even if Apple does not offer Flash support for iPhone 3G phone or turn on, will certainly be able to accommodate other requirements: two cameras, video face-to-time, or more memory so iPad up to 128 GB of memory is not so scandalous, right? Not to mention a 7-inch display a version of the Retina generaton second iPad! And when we, the connectivity options with the addition of a second dock connector. This allows you to hook the tablet, either horizontally or vertically the same time having a second port can be connected to a computer or one of those cards at hand are also sold by Apple.
ipad2 coming soon
Leaked photo above shows two yards connectors need repair mission, when all else is based on analysis provided by AppleInsider. But we take all these newly discovered iPad 2 features big chunk of salt, while waiting for the official Keynote to provide more details.


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