Nokia 1100 Cellular Phone Solution

Problem-1 : Security Code
I forgot my security code using Nokia 1100... i want to change my SIM card/mobile number... how can i reset the security code... I already research master security code using my IMEI number, i tried the MSC but didn't work... (code error) please help me to get or reset the security code... My IMEI number is 357593006548708.... the master security code which is generated in internet to reset is 0204376647..
Hope to solve it ASAP....
my phone is locked with security code when i change the sim then it demanded for code but i have forgotten it olz help me out in this situation my phone iemi # is 358378004521736
i purchased a second hand mobile from the market and i want privacy for my mobile so when i open the option of security code it will ask me for the previous code and i dont know that code because i purchased a second hand mobile thats why i dont know that code
i forgot my security code .please help me in accessing it by providing master code
i have a nokia 1100 with imei 355397009002339 and i forgot my security code...and i entered for a few times a wrong code...and after i found out my master code...this doesn`t works. Can anybody help me?

Solution :
master code for imei  355397009002339 is  3537356212.
After unlocking it goto security option.Now it will ask you for the password so enter 3537356212.And after entering this no it will ask you for a  new password..that's it enter new password for 2 times and you are done.

Problem-2 : Unlock Code
provider: UK ORANGE
model: Nokia 2630
imei: 359560014778377
any help getting the unlock code will be much appreciated

Solution :
The master code is 4636347102...Thank you!!

Problem-3 : Charging
I have got my Nokia 1100 phone just 2 months back. I am facing problems
with it. Can somebody share their experiences with me on the
The mobile is showing "Not Charging" message again and again while try
charging it. Charger ACP 7E was used to charge it. I checked the mobile
battery with another Nokia 1100 set and found battery is OK.

Solution :
I have expirienced a situation when the low output from DC couses NOT CHARGING, another expirience was that the 1100 was Displaying NOT CHARGIND and when I opened it I discovered it was wet so i cleaned with spirit and dried it with compressed air and it was okay.and for 1110,1112,1600 I simply remove all 3 resistors arround the battry terminal and they are okey.Hope it works for you too

Problem-4 : Sound
Nokia 1100 speaker ok but we cannot here sound from

Solution :
Change the hearing device.

Problem-5 : Sound
Can I ask you what I must do? the text sound works and the ring but not the alarm. Have you any ideas?

Solution :
Change the alarming tone or Give a master reset.

Problem-6 : MMS
How do i set my Hi-phone p168+ so that i may receive MMS messages?I'm Having a hard time finding the correct setting to tweak in the phone which will allow for this.

Solution :
Nokia 1100 does not support MMS Service.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    emi no.355654008739133
    nokia 1100
    need a security code

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