iPad 2 Has Camera !

IOS devices should be able to update a couple of months (usually January). partner for publication and production losses usually begin emerging around this time of year. Today we have great: Omnivision, says they are suppling image sensor cameras with Apple iPad is scheduled for 2 at some point in the first quarter of 2011.

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ipad2 coming soon with gorgeous features
This is the first time that the investment firm Fenton Detweiler, author of the complaint, jumped on our radar, we are not quite sure what to expect, or if this is still true. But to put it in context, Barron's, a website that is part of The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, is the original news source, and usually are very serious about sending rumors. Although, to be fair, Barron's has launched the word allegedly in the title of the article, what is needed for what it's worth.

Personally, I think it is highly likely that Apple would include a camera in the next IPAD. It is common sense, would otherwise be the only IPAD mobile device IOS without the support of FaceTime. Given the emphasis on FaceTime under recent Apple keynote, it's pretty difficult not to believe that Apple will include technology in second IPAD

Also available in the original Barron’s article are the following claims:
  1. 5MP camera and VGA Camera for iPad 2
  2. Apple will build 2.5 million iPad 2s in Q1 of 2011
  3. Apple will account for a 1/3 of Omnivision’s chip demand
Omnivision stock seems to be today. I wonder when companies will begin to flow from false rumors in the press so they can hit their stocks by then
ipad2 unveiled

According to analyst Brian White Ticonderoga stock, component suppliers in Taiwan have confirmed that Apple supply with the parties required to make a high-resolution 7-inch little brother the incredibly popular IPAD board. The iPad Mini apparently will start the first quarter of 2011, and will be available in capacities up to 128 GB - double the current generation of IPAD. The small screen has a higher resolution designed to match the quality of retina iPhone screen 4, and the unit will include a camera - an omission in the current generation model was a surprise to many.

Interestingly, White says that the next IPAD also has a micro-USB connector or mini-USB port, in addition to the existing property at the base of the unit. Indicates whether the port is in progress for data transfer or whether to use the base of USB devices, such as card readers, cameras and keyboards still do not know: White.
ipad2 coming soon

Mission claims come as repair stations pictures of what is intended as a prototype case IPAD slots for two dock connector, allowing the use of the device in portrait or landscape mode when connected to a spring. The case design seems to fit the pattern of a design patent discovered in China last month, but there are reports that it represents the first prototypes of the first generation design of the IPAD, not material from IPAD 2.

While confirmation of the claims are likely to wait until Apple officially launches the devices next year, it certainly seems that the company continues to innovate in response to increased competition from low cost tablets Android, the beginnings of RIM on the ground and many other devices that search for themselves to hang a piece of the tablet.


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