Apple is Trying to Buy Sony

Apple to Buy Sony - Rumors
Over the past ten years, Apple has built up a huge bankroll to more than $ 51 billion, while spending only a fraction of the acquisition. If the current (wild and extravagant), speculation about the purchase of a Sony fit, which should be changed. At one point on Tuesday, Sony's stock has been almost 3 percent of dealers spread the voice of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Sony's market capitalization is currently less than 34 billion U.S. dollars, cash buyout option.
While Apple has mostly gone from strength to strength over the past 10 years, expanding into new markets like music players and phones, Sony has struggled to gain market traction with its newer products.

However, despite the money in the bank to make a deal, the purchase of Sony is likely to be an error to Apple. big mergers like this rarely work well, and differences in corporate cultures between the two companies could cause severe indigestion. The Japanese government is also likely to offer some serious resistance to having one of her jewelry companies sank.

Instead, buy a Sony as a whole, can make sense to buy only part of Apple company, as a library of movies / music or the TV business. On the other hand, Apple may just want to look elsewhere for something that is not in competition, such as Disney or Facebook.

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