HTC introduced Windows 7 mobile in video

Last week, four mobile phone makers around the world came up with a series of devices that run under Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 operating system, and HTC was one of them. Moreover, the company unveiled the most Windows Phone 7 devices, namely 5 of them, including the HTC HD7, 7 Pro, 7 Mozart, 7 Surround, and 7 Trophy. 

Video presentations have been published in the new phone provider channel on YouTube a few days ago, while also providing information about what each unit comes on the market, and an overview of how each of them seem to be. The most notable of them, of course, the HTC HD7, which should arrive on the shelves with a large 4.3 inch touch screen, the largest in the market, and the HTC Pro 7, which comes with a sliding QWERTY keyboard , a form factor similar to the HTC Touch Pro2.

As HTC HD7, should be the most attractive part of Windows 7 Phone device was placed on the shelves in Europe at the end of the month (HTC Pro 7 is just the beginning of 2011), or the United States November 8th day. However, the other three phones WP7, HTC has officially announced last week as attractive as they may also be because they are all packing large screens, a complement of multimedia features. Overall, the HTC has managed to come up with a rather attractive Windows 7 Phone lineup, with the various market segments, and is able to offer a great mobile experience for users. In all honesty, it still remains to be seen how well it manages these devices on the market, but according to what you see in the video below, we're sure they would do the same thing.


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