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Aria is led by a bright 3.2-inch, 320 x 480 screen. On the back is a 5 megapixel camera that doubles as a VGA video recorder and speakerphone. Up there is the power button and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Downstairs is a microUSB connector. His only other physical features are a little action button (which also acts as a camera shutter button) during the four shortcut buttons, volume and hit the left edge - so flush with the surface, making it impossible to control by touch with your phone to your ear.

Multimedia Features:
Android 2.1 get seven home screens, which seems to be necessary for the normal, taking into account the Air is a small screen. Socially inclined, HTC includes the flow my friend, that is an application that aggregates the Facebook, Flickr and Twitter updates. Inside there is just 100MB of memory, and (thankfully) pre-installed 2GB microSD card. Fortunately, because if you want to expand, there is a hell of a time trying to pry the back cover to change the card.

Delicate fingers are useful to navigate through the icons smaller in Aria. phone line buttons pad are large enough for all but the fattest of fingers, but do not react to touch the nail. Most of the functions, the front camera, flash screen instructions useful guide for the casual user. With a small volume of voice and multimedia is a low ringer volume, you need to stay close to your ear to hear him sing Aria. And as with the rear speaker, the sound of the headset is so delicate that reduce the physicality of the phone - thin and light with not much volume.
Size does not affect the air quality of the images. Snaps sunlight are large, colorful and bright. Although long-distance images are not as strong as the iPhone, which will avoid the most common mistake off center. indoor shots suffer from a lack of flash, produces images that are blurred and dark, even in well-lit. camera application of Air is a vertically sliding the display to zoom in on the left, which we found embarrassing, because it requires you to use your left thumb, hold the phone with both hands.

We can not imagine a guy chooses a tech Aria model more fully with Android. Aria is too small, too sweet (although its industrial design could use a makeover on Queer Straight Guy) and missing too many new normal attributes (flash video camera recorders, HD, high resolution screen) of the usual male Geek consumers. But Aria is perfect for buyers distaff side of the phone looking for the functionality of basic cells in a clutch purse perfect size.


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