RIM tablet Blackberry Playbook

The manufacturer of the BlackBerry has decided to take a dip in the tablet industry. Company insiders say the company is girding for the event memorable. It will soon launch the highly anticipated tablet. This was confirmed by the Wall Street Journal. After being beaten by the iPhone, RIM had no choice but to take a dip in the tablet industry. It is assumed that the company's success rate to make a comeback in the industry. Therefore, he will do his best to make it a great success. BlackBerry, which is used to control the perch was hit hard after Apple launched its most talked about iPhone. Since then, its popularity has declined. This had alerted RIM has been told to work on strategy to overcome this disorder. Too late RIM has also been involved in a controversy with the Middle East and the Indian government on security issues.

But now, it is understood that this is over, the media will focus more on the platform of the BlackPad rim. All eyes are on this gadget. Wall Street Journal reported that the MRI is positive in the gadget. In addition, it runs in a built-in operating system recently (instead of Blackberry 6). In addition, there will be a 7 screen touch. This is the same as the new Samsung Galaxy Tab. It also has one or two on-board cameras. Those who have studied the tab Galaxy say they also have two.


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