Nokia's Ultimate Smart Phones

Nokia held a biggest conference at London Excel Conference Center. Approximately 3000 Nokia Bussiness partners and journalists were joined in this conference. In this conference Nokia Introduced their latest ultimate smart phones named Nokia N8, Nokia E7,Nokia Nokia C6 and Nokia C7.

Nokia N8:
It is an ultimate smartphone and high quality cameraphone. Nokia N8 includes 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zesis Optic and Zenon Flash. HD video recording option make this phone more gorgeous. Nokia N8 has 16 GB internal memory included. Dolby Digital Plus sound system makes Nokia N8 more smart as you can hear the clearest sound. The most interesting thing is that, After full charge it will give you nice service of 16 days.
Nokia N8 price,specifications and details.

Nokia E7:
Nokia E7 is your Office phone as Nokia Described in the conference held on 14 September 2010. It has 16GB internal memory and 8 megapixel camera with Zenon Fash. Charge would stay 20 days standby.
Nokia E7 price,specifications and details.

Nokia C7:
Nokia C7 has 3.5 inh Display and you can use it in three different home screen. 8GB internal memory included with this ultimate smart phone. Free gps with voice Navigation will service you for life time.8 megapixel camera would help you to capture high quality images. You can see National geography, CNN,BBC live telecast. Battery will remain 27 days standby.
Nokia C7 price,specifications and details.

Nokia C6:
Nokia C6 includes 3.5 inh Display equipped with different three home screen. It also featured 340 MB internal memory and 32 GB expandable micro sd. Battery can serve you 15 days standby.
Nokia C6 price,specifications and details.


  1. Nokia E7 got the wonderful features and reliability from Nokia. I really like your sharing.

  1. Nokia is one of the best company. And it provides quality oriented products. I guess this product will also receive good appreciation.

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